CP Guide to Festival Raving Part 1 of 2


Episode 001: The Crystal Precious Guide to Festival Raving 2017 - Part 1 of 2

WARNING: This Podcast contains explicit content. 

Do you know someone heading out to their first electronic music festival? Maybe need a quick refresher and possibly a chuckle or two? If you are looking for a comprehensive, uncensored version of what to expect, this is it. And trust, I will TELL IT. I've revised this guide almost every year since 2008 and I'm delighted for the 2017 version to serve as my two first podcast episodes!!

CP's Beginner's Guide is intended to help you or your loved one avoid any of those gross  "underprepared" feelings. Let's skip that nerve-wracking crap and use our energy for delightful first-festival sass explosions inside our brains and hearts instead, shall we? Plus if you're the one bringing someone new, gawd knows you're already busy getting your own shit together. Simply send this to them. SEND IT TO EVERYONE !!! 

Part 2 will be released on Thursday June 29th. Moving forward THURSDAY will be my regular podcast episode release day each week, in honour of the show I used to host at The Keefer Bar on Thursdays with Sweet Soul Burlesque. Just feels right! 

By then, my podcast / rss / subscription feeds should be set up and I should be searchable in iTunes & other podcast apps as well! Thank you for bearing with me; I'm learning as I go because I'm a business lady. Doing my important business things.


Winks n' wiggles,